Collab Infotech Credo

  • We believe that we are responsible and accountable to our clients, consultants, partners,community and the environment around us.
  • At Collab Infotech there are no employees, only partners.
  • We will always provide highest quality business solutions to our clients by continuously leveraging Technology and Collaboration.
  • We will always strive to create a win-win-win solution for our clients, consultants and partners by forming an upfront agreement, which is both clear and fair.
  • We will never participate in any unethical or corrupt practice to gain business or otherwise.
  • We will always honor our business obligations with absolute integrity.
  • We will support and invest in communities where we live and work.
  • We will develop ways to reduce our environmental impact and will help conserve natural resources.
  • We will contribute certain percentage of our annual profit to education, health and environmental projects around us.
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